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Building Cornice in hardwoods, fiberglass, GFRC, ArchPolymer, Metals



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  Available Profiles
 Aluminum  custom
 Copper    custom
 Fiberglass  500 Profiles coming soon
 GFRC-ZeamentTM  200 Profiles coming soon
 ArchPolymerTM  Cornice    Closed Headers
 ResinMold®  Cornice    Closed Headers



 General Overview - a solution to Rusting Cornice

 For over a century many building

 facades were made from Tin coated lead

 or steel in addition to concrete and plasters.


 Tin was usually a toxic compound of tin,

 lead and steel.  It deteriorates and rusts

 over time.   Concrete is more durable and

 heavy. It can break away with uneven 

 thermal transfer and vibrations. 

 The exposed sides are unevenly heated or

 cooled from the sun causing cracking. 

 Embedded iron rods also crack. 


 Today we can fabricate cornice in

 Aluminum     Copper    Fiberglass   ZeamentTM   

 ArchPolymerTM     Flexible ResinMold®







 Aluminum Cornice & Finishes 


 Aluminum offers durability, strength and

 the added bonus of being lite weight. 


 The standard architectural Grade is 6063,

 known as an architectural alloy because of the

 high tensile properties, excellent finishing

 characteristics and a high resistance to corrosion

 makes it great for cornice and close headers.




 Aside from some standard profiles, any custom profiles can be made as per architect submissions


 Material Thickness

 The thickness for cornice is generally (.04") or 1.016mm ie 17 Gauge

 Available thickness include

 a)  .032" (.8128mm) 20 gauge

 b)  .05"   (1.27mm) 16 gauge

 c)  .063" (1.6mm)   14 gauge

 d)  .08" (2.03mm)  12 gauge

 e)  .09" (2.28mm)  11 gauge

 f)   .125" (1/8") (3.17mm) 8 gauge




  The Cornice that we offer are custom made from Kynar®

   Kynar® is a registered trademark for PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride) Resin.

   PVDF resin is used by manufacturers to make PVDF based coatings.  

   The coatings contain 70% Kynar® resins. 

   This allows the corners and bends to be made without the coating cracking due to the

   flexibility of the coating.   The material is purchase with Kynar® not applied by the fabricator.

   Unlike an after market painting process, this finish is integral to the material. 

   Each pieces is generally 48" x 120" long. 

   Kynar® has chemical properties that reflect light like a mirror, thus enhancing the UV protection.  


      Standard Colors


      Custom Colors can be ordered for over 5000lbs of Kynar® bulk purchase


  The Cornice Fabricator: 

  Each cornice piece is made as per custom order.   The miter corners are shop fabricated

  and glued on the miter with high grade epoxy adhesives.  


  Installation guide are provided on shop drawings after purchase is paid prior to production.

  Fastening devices are hidden and outlined on shop drawings. 



 Option 2 ) Liquid Paint:

      These are known as 2 part poly these paints provide a uniform film thickness.  They

      are applied to the finished metal product, not integral to the material.  Their chemical

      properties are often used in car paints and are very suitable as they bond to the metal.

  Link to Large Project:  Church Tower Project Panels



  Note; Other Finishing Methods for Aluminum

  a) Mechanical Finishes:  blasted, buffing, grinded or sanded

  b) Pretreatment with alkaline or acidic materials pitting the material

  c) Chemical Finishes:  Etching and Bright dipping with phosphoric and nitric acids

  d) Anodizing: an electrochemical durable porous anodic oxide layer is formed on the surface

     of the aluminum allows it accept vibrant colors. 

  e) Powdercoating.  Although they are less toxic, powder coating can peel off over time as it

     an applied film - not desirable for Building restorations






  Cornice can be fabricated from Copper in

  16 oz,  20 oz, and 24 oz


  Any straight or mitered cornice can be fabricated.  Radius cornice are not available. 





  Fiberglass: an FRP Product  



  All Cornice is fabricated with an integral

  polyester gelcoat color - not painted with 

  both fire retardant and UV protection. 


  Colors can be selected from the standard

  RAL # chart or any commercial paint color.   

  All are custom made as per order.  


  Textures: Custom textures are also available

  the standard finish is smooth satin matte


  see Fiberglass Dome Project


  collection of standard profiles coming soon







   ZeamentTM is a lite weight composite consisting

  of Portland Cement, sand, aggregates, alkali

  resistant fiber, polymer, adhesives and water.

 Glass fibers re-enforce the product resulting

 in a stronger material than normal  concrete.  




 ZeamentTM is a 1/2" thick laminate re- enforced with steel and usually installed by drywall, millwork

 and masonry contractors.  It is lightweight enough to reduce the amount of structural steel required

 for a building, much less than 40lbs per square foot for pre-cast concrete yet strong enough to be

 used in hurricane and earthquake zones. 


 GFRC can be used for columns, cornice, frieze, wall panels, domes, finals, pediments balustrades

 and more. 


  ZeamentTM can be supplied

     1) Smooth paint grade finish

     2) Internally pigmented in 12 colors

     3) Sandblasted to achieve the look of stone


  It is weather resistant and can be used in hurricane and earthquake zones and can be submerged in

  water.   There are no specified sizes as all products are  made from molds.




  ArchPolymerTM a synthetic wood


 ArchPolymerTM is highly suitable for residential

 applications both interior and exterior use.


  ArchPolymerTM is a high density lite weight

 synthetic product with the similar density

 as white pine.  It will not split, crack or rot.  

 All products come primed and ready to paint

 or faux finish. 

 It is water and insect resistant.




 Custom commissions are accepted even radius curves for crowns and closed headers.   

 It is necessary to use the approved adhesive for warranty claims. 


 Fire Rating

 ArchPolymerTM would not meet ASTM-E84 Fire specs for type 1 buildings

  unless there is an optional ASTM-E84 Class 1 fire retardant embedded into the mix which offers

 a flame spread rating of 0 to 24.   


 It is great for Interior Design and Interior Decoration elements such as

 ceiling medallions  ceiling domes  niches & alcoves  crown molding  friezes casings 

 Boiserie - the art of wall and ceiling decoration 


 Weather resistant for Commercial and Residential Exteriors




  ResinMold®  a synthetic wood


  ResinMold®  is the perfect product

  for both residential and commercial jobs

  requiring arches  and curves. 










  Esquire Series: Class 1 Fire rated available in Premium, Wiggly & SuperWiggly Grades


  ResinMold® is a high quality synaptic polymer with memory

  It is a solid product (not a shell) and is flexible

  Meets ASTM-E84 Fire standards

  It is primed a tan color, paints well with oil paints or gel stains

  or water base paints - not good for clear coating

  Use: Interior and Exterior - insect, rot and water resistant


  There of 1000's of profiles in Mouldings for straight lengths curves, arches and circles


  ResinMold® is ideal for curved crowns   arched window casings  curved friezes  

  flexible medallions for vaults and coffers  curved baseboards & quarter rounds  arched casings 

  corbels  appliqués  facade brackets


  Arches and circles (ie 2 mirrored arches) are made as per the radius.    

  Machinable ResinMold® are blanks to make your own molding


   Here is a page for how to measure for arches





  How to Order Products  1-800-399-7585     416-264-6096  


      click here for trade registry program

  * All Prices & specifications in this website subject to change without notice

  * Prices are net, Freight, Taxes & Duties charged where applicable otherwise client is responsible for remittance

  * Measurements are approximate only, Final Product may vary from this website

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