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Door surrounds - a complete collection with pediments and pilasters standard and custom sizes and designs


 Door surrounds have their origins in the Roman Aedicule, a highlighted interior feature for statues which has been adopted for door and window surrounds in modern times. We have a Complete standard and custom solution for Door Decoration for Homes and Retail Stores

 Select Materials: ArchPolymerTM, GRG-NeoPlasterTM, GFRC 


Door & Window Surround Elements

     Flexible Arched and Curved Casing from ResinMold    Flexible Brickmold for doors and windows      half and full columns, load bearing and decorative     consoles for building exteriors     Closed Headers for facades
   Keystones for above doors and windows     Ramshead, broken peak, rectangle, acorn pediments      large selection of door and window pilasters     shutters - solid and louvered   



 Select the Style for Custom Forms





Door surrounds with Square Pediments is a classic design

for any modern or historic reproduction. It transcends all architectural designs and can be custom made to your specifications. Add dentil, fluted or plain pilasters, keystones, half columns or any other architectural element that you specify. 


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 Door surrounds with Broken

 Peak pediments are classical

 favorites of colonial homes.

 Custom designs include

 changing the acorn finial with

 an Urn or Flame or any custom

 element.  Add dentil, fluted or

 plain pilasters, half columns,

 keystones or any other

 architectural element that

 you specify.


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Peaked pediment door and window surrounds

 Door surrounds with Peaked

 Pediments is synonymous with

 the classic design especially the

 Georgian Style or Federal

 Architecture. This classic design

 can be used in modern architecture

 without being over bearing.  

 Add dentil strips, fluted or plain

 pilasters, half columns, or

 any other element you specify


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  Sunburst pediment door, window, double door surrounds


 The Federal style employs

 sunburst windows with a fan

 pattern. This style is typical in

 New England and southern

 locations.  The sunburst mimics

 a window above a door entry. 

 Select fluted or plain pilasters

 or half columns to surround the



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  Ramshead custom door, window double door surrounds


 The volutes typify of the Ramshead

 pediment. Often they are used in

 Colonial architecture. The Ramshead

 is a type of broken peaked pediment.

 Select fluted or plain pilasters or half

 columns to surround the door.

 Change the center Urn finial with an

 Acorn, Flame or any other element

 Available for double doors


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 We have a variety 

 of Door Combos with

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 to get a quote

 Custom Sizes Available

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 Brick Mold is a moulding that covers the

 space between the door jamb and the

 brick  wall, instead of casing as you

 would use in all  wood construction




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