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 Sunburst Pediments   

 ArchPolymerTM / GRG-Neo-PlasterTM 





  Standard, Custom and Historic Reproductions

 Sunburst Pediments are found primarily in colonial homes

 Placed on top of a door, the mimic a Federal Style Glass Window with

 radiating bands of glass.  They are used above doors and windows for both

 interior and exterior applications.




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 90 Pediments


 Standard Sunburst Collection

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 18 Page PDF Catalog


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 90 Pediments

 Standard Sunburst Collection


 Brochures & Movie Links

 Prices - FOB Factory Direct




    Custom Reproductions & Unique Designs



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  Sunburst Pediments       


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    Finishing Options









 is a synthetic wood, water

 rot and insect resistant 


 Material Properties ArchPolymerTM 



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 GRG NeoPlasterTM

 is a gypsum based composite for

 interior use. The olde world

 plaster material refined - lite weight

 fire rated Class A for commercial



 Material Properties GRG-NeoPlasterTM   



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 Carved Hardwood

  Custom made in Red Oak, Walnut

  Cherry, Hard Maple, Alder for

  interior use


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